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“SMB Consulting Company…A Consulting and Brokerage Firm Providing Health Benefits to Business in New York State

Clients often ask…

“We like our doctors and we need the coverage, but our health plan premiums are out of control…what does it take to get group insurance we can afford in a health network we can live with?”


If you’re wondering what it takes to navigate today’s complicated group health insurance market, we can help. Our approach is to learn everything we can about your business…then deliver quality, affordable group health benefits.


And that’s what it takes. A comprehensive analysis of your business and its employees…and a thorough knowledge of the health plans available in New York State. It’s the only way to fit your unique business to the right group insurance plan.


Our consultation includes…


  • A complete study of your demographics. This is crucial to the custom design of a plan that fits your people and your pocketbook.
  • A thorough review of your current health network. The goal here is flexibility in choosing the physicians you and your employees prefer.
  • An analysis of coverage for your particular group. Maintaining what you need is important, but there’s no sense paying for unnecessary coverages.
  • And, finally, delivery of a health plan with the right combination of insurance and tax incentives to save you money. You’ve gained control over your health care costs.


We represent over 14 insurance companies offering all the products you’ll need for the best combination of benefits and Section 125 Plans…Products and Carriers.


We’re here to help your business succeed and grow…learn more about me here.


Get control of your group health plan…give us a call today at 315.269.7252 or click here and we’ll set up your FREE consultation.

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